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    How To Figure Out What To Focus On In Life. (By Experts)

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    We have often heard this statement from experts when they say; “you should focus. Try to eliminate the distractions. And commit to one thing and become great at that”

    Strongly speaking, this is a good advice. I studied successful people ranging from entrepreneurs, sports people, artist etc. and have seen that focus was the basic tool for their success.

    But I believe that there is a problem with this kind of advice.

    And the problem is; --- of all the many options portrayed before you, how are you going to figure out the one to focus on? How do you direct your energy and determine what to channel your strength on?

    Then! Before we continue this talk, I want to let you know that I research science and non-science based ways to engage on successful habits for successful people. I want you to register through here; and receive my eBook “ART OF TRANSFORMING YOUR HABIT”

    No doubt about it, like most entrepreneurs I struggled through my few years of starting up a business of my own. Lunching my first product without knowing facts and fancies behind the process really was not easy for me because, I sold not even a thing those periods.

    I lost reasonable friends due to desperation whom I could have made close associates because; I lack the ability to build my community of trusted customers.

    Simply speaking, I did not know what I was doing then.

    But, during those days of trials and errors, I came across one advice which is: “try almost everything until things begin to come easily”
    Those days, I applied this idea and was doing multiple things and sustaining myself with little jobs here and there to keep paying bills. As time goes on, I was able to find “something that comes easily” which is writing, and was able to focus on one thing and build a business of my own.

    Easily put, I was able to simplify.

    To master the core fundamental of a task, start casting out a wide net. By trying many different things you may come up with what comes easily for you and be able to set yourself up for a success.

    As you are ready to try things and experiment on it I know the next question is, “how can I figure out what is coming easily for me?

    For me, my best answer should be for you to pay attention. And in essence, this means, MEASURING SOMETHING.

    For example:
    1. If you want to look fit and gain muscle, track your work-out procedures daily.
    2. As an entrepreneur, you should track your marketing and promotion power.
    3. As a musician learning an instrument, take a cognizant tracking of your training session.

    But you should take note to understand that, there should be a time for you to make a call for simplifying. Even if you are measuring things, there comes a time you should simplify.

    And this moment of decision is the central tensions of entrepreneurs. One serious question comes to mind at this moment, do we continue to innovate or do we commit to doing one thing?

    Entrepreneur is not like backing a cake, there comes a time you should commit to one thing, and this is what makes success difficult to attain.

    Know that at this stage, the best option is to decide. You believed with me that you cannot try everything right! Then, at this point, I do not think you need more information; all you need is to make a choice.

    Time to put in a volume of work
    Great! Now we have reached the target, having experimented with a whole lot of things and made a choice at last. Now is the time to put-in a reasonable amount of work in place.

    Know that those simple and tiny works of yours is what transcend to greatness at the end of the period.

    Welcome to the real grind, it is just moment in time to put out a commensurate volume of work. Remember, it is not just one or two but a consistent, repeated volume of work is required.

    So, assimilating everything with these two examples below:
    1. Assuming you want to become a great cook: =>

    Experience I had with interviewing some cooks showed that you have to experiment with a whole lot of bad meals if not hundred before you come up with a recipe you could be proud of.

    With this research I believed that the tenth recipe will not make a perfect cook, so, developing a deep understanding of the fundamentals of cooking takes a while.

    2. For us writers, take it that you want to write an amazing book :=>

    Finding your voice takes you write thousands if not millions of words. You are going to write, write and write to make this happen. And do not forget that, you need editing those words to take them down to represent a perfect book.

    Note that, the completion of the repetitions helps you know exactly which pieces of the task are fundamental to success.

    We have mastered everything, now is time for us to begin to simplify. You can now trim away the fat simply because; you know what is essential and what looks unnecessary to your path.

    “If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter.”

    This is according to French man Blaise Pascal in his famous writing in his Provincial Letters.

    SECRET TO NOTE: the longest and hardest journey to embark on is, mastering the fundamental. Please, focus first on it.

    Thank you for reading my article.

    I want to let you know that I research science and non-science based ways to engage on successful habits for successful people. I want you to register through here; and receive my eBook “ART OF TRANSFORMING YOUR HABIT”

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