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    HOW TO DROP THE HABIT OF PROCRASTINATION (Not Doing Things When You Supposed To)

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    From all indications, this is the problem of almost 80% of the people on earth including me. Based on the research I made recently, I came to realize that, this is on a higher increase in Nigeria based on the inability of Africans especially Nigerians to take ACTION and develop their minds through reading.

    Well, the popular saying about hiding treasures in a book from Africans has enumerated much on this, but we need to dis-approve the white men of such belief.

    Going deep down to our discussion today, procrastination is a deadly enemy of all who would become leaders in any undertaking and we leaders of various aspects have to eliminate this habit by:-----

    (a) Having to do one definite thing each day, which supposed to be done without waiting to be reminded.

    (b) Finding at least one thing that I can do each day, which I have not been in the habit of doing that will add value to others, without me expecting to get paid.

    (c) Locating a same person, then reminding him the value of practicing this habit of doing something that is supposed to be done without being reminded to do so.

    Procrastination almost killed my potentials; in fact, it almost got me dead not until I realized that, I do not need to be reminded to perform an action which should benefit lives in order to keep myself going in my area of endeavor.

    Through that, I was able to practice this habit of taking the initiative in connection with my daily work, which do not only help me in developing that habit, but also attracted the attention of those who will place great value on my service as a result of this foot-print I followed.

    This takes us to one of the greatest thing you can use to kill procrastination, and this killer-tool is called: ACTION. Yes! Learn to take intelligently directed action.

    Using a story about one American business school to illustrate the power of ACTION as a killer-tool for procrastination;
    The president of the business school which thirteen poorest boys attended has this to say:
    “These boys were so poor that they had barely enough money to carry their ways out. Some work risky and rejected jobs to get-by. They enrolled in my business school where they learn how to take action but not only to read and learn.

    Twenty-five years later,
    One of them became the president of a big whole sale drug companies;
    One very successful lawyer;
    Two owned a large business college;
    One a professor in economics department in one of the largest university in America;
    One president of one large automobile company;
    Two a president of banks;
    One owner of large department store;
    One president of great rail way system in America and so forth, and only two were dead.

    What a wonderful success! Eleven out of thirteen poor boys is not a bad record, thanks to the spirit of ACTION.

    In the town, localities, cities and hamlets, there are population of those well-known characters called “never-do-wells” and trying to analyze these unfortunate people, you will come to observe that one of their living features is procrastination. (Not doing things when you supposed to).

    Inability to take action has caused them to slip backward until they embraced “rut” this is where they will remain until through accident, they are forced out into the open road of struggle where unusual action will occupy them.
    Please! Do not let yourself get into such a condition.

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    Thanks and remain blessed!
    Kingsley Anyi

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