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    Change is certain to happen (inevitable) in any appropriate time in our lives, whether we like it or not.

    But, i suggest we do not allow change to come deliberately because, you might have lost the most precious thing on earth which is time, before that change will revolutionize.

    If you ever do what you have ever done, you will get the same old stuff, if life is hard, ups and down, cold or hot, all you have to do is embrace change and try to ask yourself what is it, you have done wrong all awhile?

    This most applicable to businesses, coming to the issue of money; "money is not what you chase but, what you become"

    So, if you lack money embrace change like; have integrity, have love, seek for skills, and values. All these are called money not actually the paper you carry about.

    Without them, one is actually tending to be a criminal. The more you change by learning new things, the more you earn more money.

    Well, having spoken much about change, is equally bound to embrace this change too.

    We are changing not to deviate from our actual ways of passing successful habits that makes successful people, but to create a means to reach you better and efficiently in areas of businesses, carriers, relationships and social lifestyles.

    Then, our critical question becomes,


    Is by my own opinion to make you realize that, the issue of success and making money is not inclusive in our poorly structured school curriculum, so the rich having realized the secrets to getting rich structured the school system in such a way to make it a hidden treasure for the ninety percent poor people on earth.

    What the ten percent rich people on earth know, the ninety percent poor is far from knowing it, even when given the opportunity. Based on this fear and refusal to change by the ninety percent poor people, the rich structured the system in such a way that the poor are trained to only work for the rich and finally die-out with little or no money as pension which the fearful poor called job security.

    Well, for your information. My years in the school studying computer science were characterized by frustrations not from my own side but from the system of education that refused to make me sail through after school. I was only introduced into what I called a scratch of computing only at my final year which left me rumbling in mediocrity.

    Thanks to the Almighty who propelled my vision and made a way for me with my relentless effort.

    As you can see, mediocrity is the rule of the day in our school system. Still, you have to know that, nothing endures than change. My becoming a blogger was not all that based on getting rich-quick syndrome, basically, I love writing and I truly wanted to change, I wanted a way to show-case myself not seeking for the job that is non-available and even if available could not sustain my vision. Then what do I have to make this move? Only change is the solution so, I have to make shift.

    That is when I went straight forward into blogging for over a decade now and since then; this change has been my opportunity in life.

    Believe you me; the only thing towards becoming successful is change. Change towards creating values that endure which guarantees no immediate reward but a life-long merit that endures for generations. Value to individuals pays my dear friend!!

    To be sincere, this change has been since the beginning of time. Each and every one of us changes as we go. Then one may ask:

    Why do we have to change?

    The reason we change is because, change is the only survival mechanism. This may be viewed as caused by internal or external factors. Even the inexperienced, the youths, old are in love with change.

    But funny enough, this change tend to create more fear than encouragement for us because, as we get older we are afraid of change even to the detriment of our own self.

    Note this; you should not forget that adopting and promoting change in our lives as well as others lives is a progressive and entrepreneurial habit.

    So my good friend you have to bear this in mind, you will never enjoy the sweetness of success by constantly doing that particular thing you have been doing or by simply being afraid to change. (THIS KIND OF EFFORTLESS SUCCESS IS CALLED WINNING THE LOTTERY)

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