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    Are you the type that always wants to get-by or do you prefer doing a nice job even though you are not monitored? Then, how do you know you are doing a nice job?

    As an employee, most times our recommendations comes from our bosses, but the negative aspect of it is that, most bosses are pessimistic In their recommendation and this leaves most of us employees confused, that we cannot recognize when we are performing well in our duty.

    But that should not stop you from forming the habit of doing more than you are paid for.

    Let us assume you are on your own, even if you work as an employee then, as you know, no one else is there to give you a daily, weekly, or monthly performance evaluations, so, in this process now, how do you know you are doing a good job?

    Some useful criteria are here for you to use and the more of this you get, the better job you are doing. Here they are below: ----

    In everything you do on earth, you do it for particular set of individuals. And all these are to provide solutions to problems facing the people so, the clients and customers comments are very important indications of how well your performance is.

    Whenever they are on their mood or get out of there to tell how much your product and services has meant to them, you should know you are doing well. However, if you get frequent complaints, you need to figure out why and make needed changes immediately.

    2. WHEN CLIENT AND CUSTOMERS COME BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN (REPEAT BUSINESSES): when this start occurring, you should know that what you are doing is working for them. If they do not patronize you and go elsewhere, you should quickly examine what your competition is doing which you are left behind from doing?

    Assuming some come back and some do not, you should take a look at how you are meeting the need of some and not of others. So, make a shift on how you are serving those who do not come back to enable them patronize you immediately.

    3. REFERRALS: very outstanding when client and customers make use of word of mouth or any media means to send their friends or families to your services or products. This showcases an outstanding performance evaluation. It signals that the clients and customers are saying: “we think you are great”

    4. ELEVATE YOUR INTERNAL STANDARD: as we all differ, so do we have different internal criteria as to what constitutes a good job. Form the habit of evaluating yourself regularly against your own greatest expectations. This is one important way to keep track of how well you are doing. Do not berate yourself, if you find yourself slacking-of; just try your possible best in order to improve drastically.

    5. YOUR FEELING WHILE AT WORK: in my previous article, HOW TO GET MORE PROMOTION AT WORK (habit of doing more than paid for). I treated the problem of doing work which you do like or dis-like.

    Any time you are eager to get to work, enjoying yourself while you are working, finally you felt pleased with your out-put. This is a very good indication you are doing a nice work.

    6. PROGRESS: though, the process of progress towards your goals may be taking a little longer than you expected. But when you see a steady progress towards your goals, it is a good indication that you are on track.
    Having reeled-out the six criteria that will let you know when you are doing a good job. You should know that, all these depend on one forming a reputable HABITS and MORAL LIFESTYLES towards your customers and clients.
    Yes! Customers are the key. In this part of the world Nigeria, we make customers and clients look like a divvy and focus on aesthetics and this adds to many companies closing their doors before they could know it.

    As an employer, I advise you should spend money and resources training your workers on how to form good MORAL HABITS that will trigger the clients-customers-workers good relationship.

    This will have positive effect to the said company within few years.

    NOTE: if you need me to talk to your employees, school administrators, co-business owners about GOOD HABITS RELATIONSHIP AND MORAL LIFESTYLES that will trigger peak productivity, feel free to contact me through here; go on footer page and click on “speaking engagement” I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

    R.S: I hope you are in love with this little self-improvement article, and if what you read is nice to you, I write two articles on “HABITUAL AND MORAL LIFESTYLES” in aspects of life like: businesses, marriage/relationships, health/fitness, social lifestyles every week for the rest of time.

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    Kingsley Anyi

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