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    What do you want me to tell you about your partner? Come on dear, you should know your partner well enough by now more than I do, to have a pretty good idea on how to romance him or her.

    It can be so hard getting bogged down in work and kids a few years into your relationship. But both kids and work are likewise important. And remember, you cannot escape from it, the less time you keep for romance, will be the more you did so much desire it.

    Abandoning the romance is so destructive because, you will not expect the passion and excitement to last if you forget about romance entirely. Remember, this is the match stick that strokes the fires, so, you better find some way to keep it burning.

    Here are some habit moves to get you romantic: ---
    1. Romantic dinners for two of you in glamorous restaurant are great moves. But, watch-out the time and budget. Form the habit but do not make it regular.

    2. Get out of the house and away from the kids, why not make it a nice habit going for a romantic grass-field walk or a picnic visit in the park. Love and relationship have nothing to do with money if you really wanted to succeed.

    My Nigerian ladies, should you do things that will lead you to the alter and quickly lead you out of the so much desired marriage within few months?

    Your miseries will surpass your single-hood if you get quickly divorced. These tiny romantic-habits make the marriage an institution that will endure.

    3. What if you buy some piece of fishes and both eat it directly from the paper cover in some pleasant corner of the town. This serves as a tingle.
    Consider visiting some nature made tourist areas, though Nigeria has endowed tourist nature which they failed to develop but, God developed it naturally. Some states like Enugu, Calabar etc. has naturally endowed tourist areas.

    Forget about aesthetics that have no sense of humor at last. Take a trip with your partner to these beautifully made areas. It can be very romantic if you both enter into the spirit of the thing.

    Apart from those possibly rare excursions out of the house, there are plenty of ways of being romantic at home. I will give you the simplest and cheapest of them viz: ---
    1. When together with your loved partner, try whispering sweet nothings and holding hands while on the bed or chair.

    2. Or, how do you feel having your dinner together in the garden or on the balcony? Try this, cook your favorite food, it does not have to be costly or rich, put a fancy cloth on the table and have your romantic dinner there.

    Remember, there is a place for romance that does not lead to sex, or as a form of seduction. But, all the ideas I have suggested can go either way.

    And, do not forget that, there are more seductive ways to romance your partner (and making love at the end of it is never compulsory):

     Giving each other a candlelit messages, or collecting a few Rosses and surprising your partner by running him or her bath by sprinkling the rose petal on water. Then why not use it as a sign of love as you sprinkle him or her? This often leads to a refreshing romance at last.

     Watch-out for those romantic films, read aloud to each other erotic or not as you both pleased, those sexy messages that triggers romance while watching the film.

     What of having a really early night with a glass of wine in bed, and talk and touch and do whatever comes to both naturally?

    Good, this is my own little trigger for romantic life in relationship and marriage. It is now your time, just the time for your homework.

    Form the habits and come up with at least one romantic activity every week; it does not matter how long it takes, and make sure it actually happened.

    Remember, those little triggers help you form stable romantic habits that enliven marriage and relationships.

    “Do I know them more than you do? No! Come on, you know your partner more than I do, so, you should be able to have a pretty good idea how to romance him or her.”

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