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    This study is not but to cover the HABITS AND MORAL LIFESTYLE that makes this people what they are in our society today. Then, look at what I do, i use email Newsletter to share what i learn.

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    How can we live better? This is the simple but powerful question at the core of my work.

    Then, to answer this question i always try to take the complex and do my best to make it simple to understand.
    Still, the question lingers yet to another level of; what should be the fundamental forces that shape our success and failure? What is the common misconception we have about the way the world works? And down to what the organizing principles that determines the growth and improvement of all living systems should look like?

    Secondly, to answer that question I try to apply these insights to everyday life. And they are: how can we use the most effective ways to turn proven scientific research into tangible results? Then, pinpoint the hidden roadblocks in our lives to overcome our mental barriers in order to succeed. Most importantly, how do we become the architect of our habits rather than the victim of those habits?

    If you ask me my ultimate goal I will say; it is to answer a question that lies at the bottom of what it means to be a better human. Then it goes on to ask; whether it is possible to master the habits that shape our lives and, if so, how do we do it? Hoping that, if i can only answer this question in a modest way……my work must have saved you time, make you more effective, and at last, make you be able to build better habits.

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