5 Importance Of Drinking More Water And How To Form The Habit
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    Water, water, water Hmmm! This reminds me of those days in the university and there happens to be a friend of mine called Chinenye. This guy is one of the most handsome boys in the school yes I could testify that but, I noticed one thing about him one good day.

    What was that? I know that could be the next thing you may ask me and let me marvel you a little bit. It happened that this Guy do not drink water whenever he finished eating any meal, and such an amazing thing surprised me the time I noticed the ugly habit which left me imagining how he could be able to defecate, and later I came to my senses because, he always spend much more time in the rest room.

    And apart from that, his skin tends to look rough and dried, upon him being a teenager as of that time. You see, my opinion over his ugly habit became clear to me as the truth when I realized the importance of water and what could happen if you do not take more water.

    There are more accrued to drinking more water as it is to taking your medicine regularly as prescribed by your physicians. Water is life and I hope you are aware of that, as to water, drinking more of it does not become harmful rather increase your chances of becoming healthier.

    Then, one should ask this question, “What quantity of water can me take-in to be healthier?”
    Well, researches have proven that you should take at least 8litres of water a day for ultimate healthy result.

    Now, how many of us do practice that for our healthy growth? Among every ten people in this part of the world, only one can be said to practice that. Sometimes, you get nothing out of the ten people.

    Well, before I go into how you could form the habit of drinking more water, let us treat the 5 importance of drinking more water:

    Good water is tasteless, odorless and colorless. Anything apart from that is not water. I consume more water as a fan to water therapy, and so often have noticed where nature hid life and if you ask me I will tell you--- water!

    So, water is one of the best tools for weight loss, because, it will replace high calorie drinks like soda, juices and alcohol as a drink that have no calories.

    And also water is great appetite suppressants in the sense that, sometimes, you may think you are hungry not knowing you are only being tasty. And by mere taking some water the satisfaction emerges immediately.

    Note this; water has no fat, no calories, no carbs, and no sugar. You should drink a whole lot to help your weight loss plan.


    There was a six-year study published in the May 1, 2002 by the American Journal of Epidemiology. This came up with the analysis that, those who drink more than 5 glasses of water a day were 41% less likely to die from a heart attack than those who drank less than two glasses.

    For a healthy heart, please, more water intake is probably a solution which cost less or nothing just to take water.


    Probably almost every one of us have experienced this in one way or the other, back in the school when we were always exposed to stress as is the case of Nigerian universities. There are sometimes under the intense heat of the hot sun you start feeling depressed and head-ached.

    Definitely, this is as a result of dehydration. Taking a lot more water that time could help stop the aching situation immediately. Though there are lots of other causes of headaches of course, but dehydration is a common one.


    Remember this; our digestive system is in love with excess water if I may put it like that, and a good amount of water is needed to properly digest food.

    As a result of dehydration constipation occurs often, and water along with fiber can cure constipation and stomach acid accumulations.


    Just like the digestive system above, a good habit of drinking more water can help reduce colon cancer by 45%.

    And amazingly, drinking lots of water can also reduce the risk of bladder cancer by 50% and potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer. So, women should as a matter of fact make this their culture to avoid the risk of breast cancer and improve their weight loss programs too.

    Recently, I visited the national hospital where my sister is working as a Philippine nurse, and I was surprised seeing a man wanting to even kill himself with this thing called water. I asked my sister what the problem is, she told me that the man needed the water more in order to survive his Kidney failure during the dialyses.

    That was when it came to my mind that the Kidney needed more water to stay alive and function properly. Why not take more water now you are healthy instead of waiting for the time when you might have been diagnosed with ailment that will require you killing yourself instantaneously with water just like the man I met in the national hospital.


    According to my free e-Book “ART OF TRANSFORMING YOUR HABIT” I specified there that, habit formation is as a result of our tiny activities daily that accumulates to a lifestyle if practiced for a long time.

    So, this is not different from forming the habit of drinking more water, it has to be a habit you will start from a tiny performance till it grows to enliven with you. Below are few ways you can culture yourself in order to form that habit. I used them and it worked for me and it can work for you too.


    The regular statement that you should drink eight liters of water do not work again and I should tell you the reasons, the calculation was based on other factors of water intake that does not guarantee natural intake alone, For instance the water from food intake and other things that contain water.

    So, drink water when you wake up in the morning, after meal, on the meal and in-between meals. You should not let yourself to be tasty before drinking water.


    Do not forget the importance of trigger alert in habit formation. Set-up a watch and computer alert that reminds you when to drink water. This will help you form the habit gradually.


    This worked perfectly for me and as am talking to you now, there is a bottle of two litters rubber can beside me. Whenever I turn around I notice the presence of water and that reminds me to drink and I do drink there-by increasing my level of water intake.

    Some people like to carry the can all around and that is a perfect reminder also, which-ever way you deemed necessary you formulate the process and make a habit out of it.


    Another tremendous but hard way to practice forming the habit of drinking more water is to get water to drink instead of soda, alcohol any time you feel like taking something. I know this could be more cumbersome to practice, but a regular and real dedicated person will live with this idea in no long distance time.

    So, practice drinking more water because, it does not know any limit and even excess of it becomes more beneficial and you will look younger than your age as a result of healthy intake of water.

    Water should be your priority any time you wake up in the morning thinking about what to do for the day. It will help your mind settle down after a dull relaxation from sleep and will enable you concentrate.

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    Our food supposed to be our medicine! From all indications, we all are victims of various diseases that engulf our body systems daily. The major reason being that, we refused the natural ways of lifestyle and feeding brought about by nature and embraced artificial delicacies that enliven our bodies with radicals and unwanted materials that damages our body systems.

    You have to be very careful what you take into your body. Some people have taken to the practice of taking drugs daily but kept on experiencing the coming back of the same ailment within a short period of time.

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