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    Keynote Speaker on Habitual and moral lifestyles

    I am determined to share brilliant and interesting ideas in the most engaging way possible as a keynote speaker. To illustrate me, below is a little bit more about me and my approach to keynote speaking.

    Most of my times are spent writing about self-improvement tips with critical research based on proven scientific and non-scientific approach. In my speeches, write-ups and other means of passing information, I try my best to share the best strategies I have found for cultivating or building good habitual and moral lifestyles, breaking bad ones, and improving your performance on beneficial ones.

    I derive pleasure in reading motivational and wisdom books as a blogger, author and social activist, I have written interesting articles on social, business process etc.
    And write two interesting articles every week about people who have transformed their habits and maximized their potential.

    As someone who loves telling story as an illustration while writing, my keynote speeches are still filled with the same engaging storytelling.

    I am top-skilled at taking complex topics and trying my best to make them simple and practical.
    While engaging audience in each talk, I do my best to explain the science of habit change, human behavior and moral lifestyles, healthier performance in life, successful business habits, improve relationships habits, such a way that audiences can easily understand and actually benefit from it.

    My ideas are read by wide range of individuals with much more people subscribing to my weekly newsletter daily.
    A lot of people follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

    The ideas I teach are what I have tried myself. And my productivity habits are what I am continually working on as a writer, on my exercise habit as a weightlifter which I do my count three times in a week starting from Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on my critical thinking habit as a web programmer (coder).

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    I am very much available for keynote speaking engagements in Africa and around the world. If you are Interested in hiring me for your event, endeavor to fill out the form below for us to start the conversation soon.

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